Work with us

We are always enthusiastic about collaborating with keen minds. Whether it is for a specific project-based need, or for our internal product development activities, or a self/institute initiated internship for a student, we are open to all explorations.

We are happiest working with students, interns and fresh graduates who are excited by what we do, and who are open to learning, doing and growing. We often delve in uncharted territories when it comes to our projects, and therefore appreciate those who have a hands-on approach towards solving challenges rather than mere academic credentials.

When it comes to professionals joining hands with us, we expect and appreciate skill, creativity, quality and competence. We expect scheduled deadlines to be met, and no compromise with quality. We love learning from our inter-disciplinary collaborations with professionals, just as we push them to cater into our sometimes unusual and often high-precision demands, thereby broadening their horizons too.

Opportunities in India

Our New Delhi office currently requires: Please get in touch with us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. regarding this opening.

Opportunities Abroad

At present, there are no openings abroad.

We keep exploring to expand our network of collaborators, specially when it comes to high-quality content development. We engage with animators, 3D professionals, video professionals and visual communication specialists alike, for a variety of projects from time to time.

If you cater to any of these needs, do get in touch with us.

Watch this space for more...



Students and coordinators can get in touch with us about internships and placements on mail/phone.

Please remember to enclose a document/weblink showcasing the prospective intern's academic portfolio, details of internship period, the institute's expected deliverables, and the student's academic assessment/evaluation (if any) to support our decision-making process.


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