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Interactive Centrally Managed Digital Signage

xdSignage offers features and advantages that are currently unmatched by any domestic and international competitors, specially when considered together with our content services.

xdSignage systems are:
  • Centrally managed: The signage network is centrally managed from a server where all the presentations are prepared for each screen. The server then seamlessly deploys any new presentation saved on individual signage.
  • Video wall mode: Different signage can be ‘clustered’ together to form video wall modes. This enables much larger and impact-ful presentations in sync on multiple signages
  • Smart playlist management: The administrator can create multiple playlists containing any number of videos and images in any order needed. The transitions, timings and other effects can be simply checked on or off in order to impart those effects to the presentations. Using Playlist management allows the administrator to change only some parts of the show when needed without affecting the other parts of the show. For example a playlist of promotions, discounts and sales can keep changing while the playlist about the mall, its stores etc. can continue without any change for longer periods of time.
  • Dual screen management: A cost saving feature that allows the management of two screens on a dual display card enabled player thus reducing the cost of the players by half.
  • Creating multi-media shows simply: The signage system allows the administrator to create a dynamic show consisting of multiple playlists stitched by the system itself.
  • Loop, proximity and touch: xdSignage allows the administrator to create three kinds of presentations on the signage.
    • Default state: An infinite loop that contains a playlist that loops and is for passive presentations.
    • Proximity state: A proximity presentation only appears on the signage when someone steps close to it.
    • Touch state: the system also allows for full interactive touch enabled presentations to be deployed on the signage.
  • Integrated sensor systems: xdSignage comes along with hardware extensions called xdSensori, that impart multiple interactive modes to the Signage.

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  • Database and Reports: xdSignage network stores information about the signage most interacted with in proximity mode and the content most interacted with in touch mode. This helps the administrator to learn about popular signage and contents. The reports are presented on the server categorized against date and time.
  • Cross platform: xdSignage solution is also a cross platform solution that works on Windows and Mac OSX.
Additional Advantages
  • Low Cost: xdSignage system solution takes advantage of the existing off-the-shelf hardware available and thus ends up costing around 50-60% our nearest competitor that could offer many of the features enlisted above.
  • Turn-key solution with content: We offer a turn-key solution that includes installation, maintenance and high quality content creation and updation. Our content team is Italian and the content is done in unmatched quality and pricing.
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