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Interactive video wall

xdTouchwall is a unique type of interactive video wall. First developed as a custom solution for one of our projects, we have now made it as a stand-alone product for companies to buy and reinstall as they like.

xdTouchwall is an interactive video wall, consisting of special synchronized screens, which displays multimedia content on a large scale, with the unique feature of allowing people to interact with it.

xdTouchwall is a touch sensitive, and makes it's content interactive, as well as lets you run any type of software for applications such as gaming, advertisement, shopping, etc...

xdTouchwall offers the following unique mix of features:
  • capable of displaying interactive content
  • precise touch interaction
  • standalone and easy to set up
  • very high resolution display
  • effective under all indoor light conditions
xdTouchwall is modular, therefore can freely vary in size and structure. It is also possible to purchase customized versions that fit various spaces and applications.

If you are interested in purchasing the xdTouchwall, or if you want more information, please contact us.


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