Blue Roof

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Technology and design to serve sustainability

The blue roof shower is an outdoor ecosystem that uses technology to save water. Coram Design Award Winner.

Where: University of Toronto(Canada) When: 2004 C/O: Steve Mann, ePI lab
Awards: Coram Design Award 2004, First Prize
The bath is not a private island. We are all connected in a global ecosystem where we must conserve water for the public good.

The blue roof shower is an outdoor ecosystem that reclaims previously unused flat mechanical rooftop space as an urban oasis.

Renewable energy sources on the roof at 330 Dundas Street West, in Toronto, transform it into an electric energy production space, where wind, rain, and sun are all fully utilized.

The Lakota wind turbine continues to produce energy regardless of how strong the winds are. Energy production levels are constantly monitored and eventually re/utilized, reducing wastage.

Rainwater is collected from the flat roofs, and stored in tanks for treatment such as filtration. The treatment is powered by wind and sun. The result is a zero-runoff roof that re-uses the rainwater twice: once for showering, and then again for irrigation of the rooftop garden oasis.


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Additionally, the shower base contains micro radar systems to track the body of the user, and rainwater is directed exactly at the skin, so that none of the reclaimed rainwater is wasted. This completed a cyclical system that saw maximum conservation of power and water.
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