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A chapter dedicated to interactive visual merchandising and retail

We have curated and written a chapter dedicated to interactive and experiential retail and VM for an educational book on Visual Merchandising published by Tata McGraw Hill India.

Where: New Delhi When: 2009 Client: Tata McGraw Hill
Authors: Anurag Sehgal, Puneet Monga
We were invited to write a chapter dedicated to interactive retail and visual merchandising for the Tata McGraw Hill India educational book on Visual Merchandising.

The chapter focuses on key aspects of Experience Economy, Brand Experiences, Experience Design and Experiential Retail. It presents these aspects in specific sections with theoretical description and examples pertaining to them.

Thereafter, various case studies of experiential retail in practice across the globe are offered, before the chapter culminates in an estimate of popular brand experiences and retail scenarios of the near future.

If you are interested in purchasing the full book, or if you want more information, please contact us.


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