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Design Research initiative with a leading global research network

World wide design-research project, to explore and understand prevalent consumer practices of charging mobile devices.

Where: Various locations world-wide When: 2009 Client: EDF Energy
Project Partners: REACH
Experiential Design lab conducted and participated in a worldwide design-research to explore and understand consumer practices of charging mobile devices with REACH – a global design-research network. REACH works for clients in various combinations of partners. This project involved all partners of the network.

The research was carried out in Delhi(IN), Hong Kong(CN), Pacifica(US), Amsterdam(NL), Tokyo(JP), Paris(FR), Milan(IT), Curtiba(BR), Copenhagen(DK), Barcelona(ES), London(UK), Berlin(DE), and Budapest(HU).

Main research questions explored were: How do people around the world cope with mundane daily activities such as charging up their mobile devices? And, how do they think about related bigger issues, such as energy usage and the consumption of natural resources?

The design-research work:
  • consisted in 27 home visits around the world of specific recruited users
  • led to an overwhelming amount of rich data: photo, video and audio recording, transcriptions, analysis and reports
  • resulted in a wide variety of observations, insights and opportunities
  • defined a precise design context and design-directions
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