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Mapped content projection for product presentation

3d projection mapping on the newly launched luxury products of double-door refrigerator and washing machine presents detailed information about the products, their inner workings, machinery and interiors.

Where: New Delhi, NCR When: 2010 Client: LG Electronics
Project Partners: Onstudio, Rome.
Through object-mapped projections, various features of the products were explained:
  • Opening the door of the refrigerator
  • making the doors disappear virtually
  • Presenting different configurations in which the refrigerator interiors can be used
  • Quick ice making capabilities, depicted by ice cubes falling virtually into a physical container
  • Insights into the new and innovative machinery of the washing machine
  • The different colours in which the products are available
  • Highlight the key design and technology offerings of the product
Our custom projection mapping software allowed the content to get wrapped around the product considering the various placement and measurement anomalies for each site where the system was setup.

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