METRO C&C Pavilion

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Digital Experience at exhibition pavilion.

Gesture, touch and sensor-based intuitive interactivity, augmenting the exhibition experience to convey the brand message and communication about their offerings.

Where: Bangalore, Delhi When: 2012 Client: Metro Cash & Carry, India
Project Partners: Roll over this link Lead Agency: AVANTGARDE, India
Branding: AVANTGARDE, India
Spatial design and implementation: Electra Events and Exhibitions, India
Digital Experience design and implementation: Experiential Design Lab, India
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Metro engaged our consortium to implement the Metro Pavillion at the 'Germany+India 2011-2012' event, held in Bangalore and Delhi. Experiential Design lab designed and implemented the digital experience within the space.

The goal of this space was to communicate Metro groups activites and its value chain to the general public and raise awareness of its presence in India. The Metro Pavilion was a popular destination with the general public as they engaged with various intuitive interfaces to learn about Metro in a fun and engaging way:
  • Gesture to Win! - The wheel of fortune ran on a video wall of nine displays and allowed the visitor to simply interact with it through the very intuitive gesture of spinning the wheel. During the spin one could also see his own face appear live next to the wheel to see broadcast his expressions while he tries to win.
  • Interactive video standees allowed people to interact with life-size projections of chefs and farmers, who would speak and present their stories to visitors, based on the topic selected by them on the touch interface.
  • Scan and See - Bar code scanners would allow people to scan products just as the Metro sales representative would do within the Metro stores. On scanning the product people would see stories of those products.
  • Interactive kiosks - Simple touch screen kiosks with visually pleasing UI presented information about Metro and their value-chain.
Other live interactions were organized by Avantgarde to keep the visitors engaged. One could see long queues forming outside the pavilion as people waited for their chance to enter the space.

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