Nokia Interactive Roadshow

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Mixed Reality product activation roadshow for Nokia N78

Nokia initiated an experiential product activation for its new model - Nokia N78. The interactive roadshow was set up simultaneously at New Delhi and Mumbai, and aimed to inform the consumers about special features offered by the device while serving out a 'call for entry' for them to participate in a nation-wide competition.

Where: New Delhi, Mumbai When: 2008 Client: Nokia India
Project Partners: Roll over this linkoverall experience: xdlab & Nokia
content sourcing and graphics: JWT
setup, architecture and logistics: Encompass
video & animation: xdlab
experiential systems (hardware & software): xdlab
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Nokia India has launched the N78 mobile handset in cities across India. For the launch of Delhi and Mumbai the launch is in the form of an experiential road show with temporary exhibitions being setup in four malls over four weekends.

The key concept that is to be conveyed from the experience is that the hand set 'joins' different features together to give interesting possibilities to the user.

Location tagging feature (photo + gps tagging + uploading) called 'maphotonline' and real-time video editing feature (video + editing + uploading) called 'videonlinediting' were two main keywords to be communicated. Another important component of the road show was to enroll people for a competition.

Collaborating with Nokia, xdlab crafted an experience that was divided into 4 touch points.

Visitors registered digitally at a counter with their name and email/telephone no. where they were given a blank polaroid photograph that has their information stored within.

Fusion Experience:
This installation, made through an augmented soft-board, was to convey the concept of 'fusing and joining' to the visitor.

Here they were asked to chose two polaroids from one part of the soft-board, on which various polaroids showcasing six different passions were pinned. The visitors then pinned their two chosen 'passion' polaroids on another section of the soft-board, as well as the blank polaroid received on registration, in the middle of these two polaroids. As these three polaroids fell in place, the two passion polaroids animated virtually with a long impressive trail, on the soft-board. Together, the two selected passions entered the blank polaroid pinned in the middle. A hand appeared in this third polaroid and threw out paper balls that opened up and revealed a fusion of both the chosen passions on the blank polaroid in the center.

Demo experience:
The visitors then carried the blank polaroid, that now had their 'fusion' stored within, to the next space, where they were informed about the features of the hand set.


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They were asked to pin their 'fusion' polaroid on a projected city map, on the marked location of the mall where they were standing. Upon doing so, they watched their own photograph appear on the blank polaroid, with their names and two chosen passions from the previous installation appearing below their photograph.

The projected location map, along with his photograph pinned on, zoomed away and entered an animated mobile phone. Another city map appeared along side, displaying a trail of balloons that marked different places within the city where they could find interesting options for the two passions they chose to fuse. These results were the same as the possibilities given by the Nokia N78 hand set. After this the handset is demonstrated and explained.

The visitors then carried the blank polaroid to the 'call for entry' section where their basic information, given during registration, is retrieved. The system also calculates the time they spent within the space, and stores the passions they chose to fuse. After this the visitors were asked to fill in more information to participate in the competition, which was recorded in a database for later use.


  • 18/19/20 July: Delhi at Great India Place (Noida), Mumbai at Nirmal Lifestyle (Mulund).
  • 25/26/27 July: Delhi at MGF (Gurgaon), Mumbai at In Orbit (Malad).
  • 1/2/3 August: Delhi at City Square (Rajouri), Mumbai at Center One (Vashi).
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