Sony Xperia S Promotion

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India's biggest touchphone

A functional replica of the new Sony Xperia S smart phone, created to celebrate its launch in India. This feat has found its way into the Limca Book of Records as India's biggest touchphone.

Where: New Delhi, NCR When: 2012 Client: Iris Worldwide
Project Partners: NuTech, Lalit Arts.
This promotion targetted audience interaction with a functional, larger than life replica of the product being launched. Experiential Design Lab helped create a 30 feet tall touchphone, which enabled visitors to explore the new phone's features in a unique manner. The launch event encouraged audience participation by inviting them to interact with the phone and make calls to their friends and family. The format created a lot of curiosity amongst the onlooking masses at the venue, and translated in substantial conversational capital for the brand.The touchscreen on the device was 22'6" x 12', and was created from custom electronics developed at Experiential Design Lab. This specially created touch-sensing digital intervention was installed over an LED matrix display, which showcased the recreated UI of the actual device. As an offered experience, the phone allowed visitors to:
  • Make live calls to other devices
  • Receive calls from other numbers
  • Send and receive standard Short Messaging Service messages
  • Experience media playing, such as videos and audio files.
This recreation of Sony Xperia S has made its way into the Limca Book of Records as the largest working phone in the country. That just added another feather in our cap - sweet reward for all the toil we put into this promotional activity.

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