Spire Flexi-homes Launch

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Realtime 3D augmented reality architectural visualisation.

Cutting edge Mixed Reality presentation tool developed to introduce Spire World's innovative flexiHomes project: 100% customizable apartments.

Where: New Delhi When: 2009 Client: Spire World
Project Partners: Concept, design, implementation by xdlab. Event setup by Candid Marketing.
One of India’s biggest Real Estate Investment Funds has recently launched an initiative called Spire World.Spire World is a construction and development platform based on a ‘Mainstream Green ideology’.

Spire World chose Experiential Design Lab for presenting to the investor’s panel the exceptional and innovative project of Flexi-homes - the 100% customizable apartments. In order to best represent the innovative aspects of the idea, and the inherent interactive nature of such concept, we designed and implemented a Mixed Reality Stage that would allow, during the presentation, to draw on paper an apartment plan to then seeing it building up in a real-time 3D rendering.The hand-sketch generated virtual model could be rotated just by rotating the sketch, to see all the apartment features from various points of view.

Furthermore, the presentation tool allowed to change materials through a special set of physical tags. These special tags represented various finishes, applicable as if they were house ‘themes’. The presentation tool we created allowed Spire World to successfully:
  • Explain and show in real-time their innovative business concept, giving the investors audience a visible and hands on experience
  • Show their innovative attitude
  • Explicit and represent the innovative nature of their concept with very high fidelity
  • Explicit with precise effectiveness one of the innovations implemented by Flexi-homes, that of how flexibly customized plans can grow with their housing model
  • Impress and be memorable

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