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The First Interactive Temporary Store in Italy

The Alixir Temporary store allows people to live the ‘Next Food Experience’.

Where: Milan, Rome (Italy) When: 2008 Client: Network Comunicazione
Project Partners: Network Communicazione, Rota Design studio and Simple TV.
In 2008 Barilla S.p.A. launched Alixir, a new brand that produces and sells food and beverages improved for health. It consists of four product lines, each benefiting a specific area: heart, cellular youth, intestines and the immunity system. In collaboration with three companies, Network Communicazione, Rota Design studio and Simple TV, we have developed the creative concepts of the first interactive Temporary Store to ever be setup in Italy. Experiential Design Lab designed, engineered and produced all the experiential touch points inside this store.

The Alixir Temporary store allows people to live the ‘Next Food Experience’, where they can:
  • Learn more about the link that exist between happiness and food
  • Participate to a national scale research that aims to understand and prove if there is any scientific evidence of such link (called Qx)
  • Experience a custom made menus realised on the basis of a brief information given before hand.
The custom made menu supplies and builds up on people’s need as well as tastes. In particular the experiential installations that xdlab realised are:

Corridor of secrets:
It is the shop’s entrance corridor, where visitors can hear voices of other people speaking about their secrets of living better. These voices are projected in controlled sound spots thus engulfing the visitor in sound only when he is in the projected sound beam.

Holographic hosts:
After the first introductory experience, the visitor would find himself welcomed by four interactive holographies, that they could touch to interact and relate with, introducing to the four Alixir benefit areas.

Experiential video wall:
A choral and evocative interactive video wall. A multitude of faces representing a lifestyle. When the visitor touches one of the faces the video wall changes and shows short movies that project the feelings and the values that represent one of the four Alixir product lines.


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Qx/NFE totems:
Experiential Design Lab developed the installation comprising of the hardware as well as the software that supports the Qx scientific research being held on a national scale. These totems also allow the visitor to take an adaptive short test that assigns a custom made menu for his needs and tastes.

Next Food Experience:
After taking the NFE test, the visitor can visit the shop restaurant where the cook, thanks to a card tagged by the Qx/NFE totems, recognizes the visitor and prepares his custom made menu. A custom made menu is a menu for breakfast, lunch or dinner, where the ingredients and the Alixir products are mixed proportionately to compensate and develop the four areas of health for the client.

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