Experiential Design Lab is specialized in turnkey solutions. From complete brand experience and consumer experience strategies to products, places and services we design, swinging between functional, immersive and multi-sensory user participation. The company has a combined experience of over 18 years in the world of interactive experiences and has successfully implemented projects in the realms of retail, events, exhibitions, museums, products and services.

We are supported by a wide, highly qualified and recognized network of partners, which caters to specialised needs ranging from architecture, product engineering, electronics engineering and production, design-research, software design and engineering, video making and motion graphics, business analysis etc.


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co-founded xdlab. He studied Interaction Design at Ivrea, Italy after his graduation in Fashion Design from N.I.F.T., New Delhi. His childhood passion for Atari, Nintendo and writing code on ancient PC XTs resulted in a quest for an ideal vocation. His graduate thesis in wearable electronics Anurag collaborated with Xerox PARC for "The Crossing Project", an internationally acclaimed research project that formed the basis for various innovations and new interfaces. led him to interaction design, the love for which deepened through his subsequent work experienceDuring his masters program he also worked on the wearable system and head mounted display called 'Eye Tap' with Professor Steve Mann at Toronto University, in Canada.

After receiving his MA in interaction he collaborated with Interaction Design Institute Ivrea’s e1, working on projects such as 'Genova Festival della Scienza', 'Next 2005', 'Interactive Furniture Workshop' (Switzerland) and 'Video Tracking Workshop' (Italy).

He is also a co founder of Interaction Design lab, with offices in Milan and Turin, where he collaborated in the start-up process, and worked as interaction designer and researcher.

Anurag passionately believes in interaction design Anurag envisions interaction design as a harbinger of people-friendly innovation, through its processes, methodology and a means to enrich everyday lifeEmbedding intelligence, interactivity and intuitive usability in products, services, software and systems alike., by bringing the physical and the virtual, the offline and the online paradigms seamlessly together


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is a technologist with a computer science and electronic engineering background. He has been responsible for the engineering and implementation of the multimedia museum 'Eternal Gandhi' in Delhi. This museum represents one of the most important examples of interactive museums in the world.

Mustafa has led projects at Xerox PARC, where he has been one of Crossing Project's main participators, a project that has been awarded as "The most innovative project in the interaction design field of year 2002" at the Interactive Media Design Awards of Prix Electronica and the Gold Award of I.D. Magazine.

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graduated as an architect from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. And then, he discovered the realm of computer-aided-creativityHe familiarised himself with computers over time, through hands-on work instead of classes and courses. He delved into every new offering, from CAD drawings to 3D animations, and then to exhibitions, graphics, video, CGI and eventually multi-media programming. His skill and know-how evolved with time, and so did computers alongside! His passion for engaging in the new and un-attempted led to several explorations He is amongst the earliest bunch of professionals working on innovative GUI and TUI solutions, content and software. Alongside, he briefly taught multi-media authoring at NIFT, New Delhi.

In 2001, he was the principal interactive software developer for the internationally acclaimed "'Crossing Exhibit", which received many accolades in the field of Interaction Design.

A few years later, as the Creative Head at Via, Puneet was responsible for the development of a pioneering cross-platform interactive virtual tour of Buddhist and World Heritage Sites of India, under the Incredible India campaign, which was a PATA award winning entry in 2007.
over the years.

At xdlab, Puneet has his fingers in multiple pies. He revels in software, spatial design, and content development, and shies away from marketing and management as much as he can. He is found hunched over his multi-monitor console, coding fervently - only when he is not busy playing percussion on the table, singing aloud with the music, spewing wise-cracks, or heckling the interns and younger studio-mates.

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graduated in the science of communication from the university of ‘LA Sapienza’, Rome, where he was also awarded the Masters Degree in Advanced Communication. Simply passionate for art and literature, his interest in visual communication grew during his program, and his thesis in the anthropology of visual communication. Visual Communication analysed through new forms of fetishism contained in Modern Visual Art - titled ‘Plasmati ad arte con figure di piombo’

A deep interest and understanding of the theory and technicality of public communication marks his career. Andrea started off by working for various communication agencies in Rome. He continued in India, where he worked as an art director and communication designer for various projects with companies like Nokia, Telecom, British Council and Barilla, to name a few. Now back in Rome he continues his passion for immersive, interactive and multi-sensory communication. A strong believer in democratizing communication, he enjoys his work By working on video production and editing in Rome, he developes marketing strategies for unconventional advertisement, producing TV spots and cross-platform communication strategies for various companies on the web platform, urban landscape and digital well as his music, performing as a DJ and VJ for various festivals in Europe.


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is an architect from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, who discovered his passion for creative computing Chiranjeev's initial forays in the realm of computing coincide with the advent of computers and CAD software in India. Along with his college curriculum, he was engrossed in exploring the nascent, unchartered realms of information technology. From the world of CAD to 3D visualisations, and from media production to multi-media authoring and then the internet, Chiranjeev has been hands-on with diverse realms.even as he was finishing his formal education in architecture.

Ever since embarking on his professional journey, Chiranjeev has been involved in many pioneering developments. From developing of one of India's earliest multimedia CD-ROMs, to creating and managing some of India's earliest web-portals, Chiranjeev has thrived working in unexplored domains. He has created innovative content using formats such Cubic Panoramas, ObjectVR and QTVR, and has also co-developed a path-breaking digital version of the Thames and Hudson Art Encyclopedia, which was one of the first comprehensive educational documents developed in India. At Experiential Design Lab, he is an integral part of the software development-prototyping-deployment processes. He is often seen wowing the team with magical things devised out of innocuous looking snippets of code.


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